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  2023 Calving Report:PDF file
2023 Calendar Order (4 left!):PDF file

Membership Application:  PDF file
Transfer – Breeders Certificate:  PDF File
Registration Applications:  PDF file

 BueLingo Registration Fee Schedule – Members

  For non-members all fees are doubled!


  Registration Fee, Birth to 15 mos. of age (starting with females born in and after 2012 –
     includes appendix [miss marked] & regular registry)


  Registration Fee, over 15 mos. of age (starting with females born in and after 2012 – includes     appendix [miss marked] & regular registry)


  Transfer Fee


  Certificate Corrections and Updates


  Duplicate Certificates




 Membership Fees

   Annual Membership (due each June 1) Active – 1 vote per membership


   Lifetime Membership – Active – 1 vote per membership


   Associate Membership (no cattle) Non-voting (Kept current on mailing list)


   Junior Membership -Non-voting-May register and transfer cattle


   Gift Membership (for new members, given by an active member – first year only)
        Active – 1 vote per membership


Mail the completed application along with your payment to

National BueLingo Beef Cattle Society
N9934 Groveside Ave
Spencer, WI 54479
Phone: (815) 745-2147
Email: office@buelingo.com


  logo Advertising
BueLingo World

  The BueLingo World
Official Publication of the BueLingo Beef Cattle Society
  The BueLingo Beef Cattle Society offers “The BueLingo World” magazine as our primary advertising vehicle published 2 times a year. Print ads are available in several sizes and prices as described below.  Current members, in good standing with “BBCS”, may place a website “Classified” ad at www.buelingo.com.  We strongly encourage you to also purchase a print ad in “The BueLingo World” to protect our magazine’s advertising base. Many of our members do not have internet access and the magazine is the life blood of our organization.  

1. Print ads in The BueLingo World
Rates and deadlines (Maximum 4 pictures per ad)

One full page


Color $240

Two thirds page


Color $185

One half page


Color $130

One third page


Color $100

One fourth page..


Color $85

One sixth page, NO pictures


Color $55

Business Card ad


Color $35

Terms: All advertising accounts are due
& payable at the time the ad is submitted.
Payment must be sent to office - Karen Gallion

For help with ad, contact the Editor by Mail, fax or email: shelly.koehn@gmail.com


Printing Date

Must Receive Copy Date

May 1

April 1

November 1

October 1

Non-Color BueLingo Newsletter

Classified ads Available $5.00 each

Printing Date

Must Receive Copy Date


January 1


July 1

  Website Advertising
Display and Classified


2. Website Ads - Display and Classified
Your own display ad on the World Wide Web can have up to 200 words and up to 4 pictures.

Purchase a print ad in The BueLingo World and we will produce a web page display ad with the same information on it for a cost of just $20.00.

Since some ads are time related and don’t coincide with The BueLingo World publishing dates, we will also offer a 200 word – maximum of 4 pictures display ad to be placed on the website for $20.00.  If you need help designing your ad, set up fees will be charged according to time involved (most can be done for $25). We must receive payment for the ad before placing your ad on the web. You may e-mail your ad to office@buelingo.com and/or send a printed copy with your payment to contacts listed above.

We also will offer classified ad (example: bull for sale) or business card/no artwork space. No pictures, up to five lines of text. $20.00, no setup fee.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to review and change our internet promotion fees at any time. The Board of Directors of the BueLingo Beef Cattle Society retains and will exercise the right to refuse publication of an ad or to require alteration of an ad prior to publication to preserve the integrity of the BueLingo breed of cattle.

Our purpose is to provide communication between the Society and its members and to introduce prospective BueLingo owners to breed facts and events of the Society. 


  Web Contact Info:
BueLingo Beef Cattle Society
Karen Gallion

N9934 Groveside Ave
Spencer, WI 54479